Shree Gurunarasimha Mithra Mandali is a candid, instinctive response to resolve some of the basic hardships of the ‘not-so-fortunate’ and deprived people of our social order. After a decade of uncertainty, the evolutionary impact of ‘Globalization’ could well be perceived in all the domains of our daily life. On the positive side, it has stimulated a comprehensive economic explosion right through our neighborhood and injected optimistic buoyancy among the millions of educated middle class. Yet, the damaging effects associated with such gusty ‘developments’ are too hard to digest for the people in the lower ambit of society. Primarily, education and healthcare expenses have galloped beyond the reach of the underprivileged.

With the advent of commercialization of life, acquiring a decent sustainable basic education, the indispensable need of life, has become unreasonably luxurious, thus, bulldozing the dreams and aspirations of thousands of bright, young aspirants. It is a well known maxim that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Unfortunately, the ambitious dreams of many a young boys and girls in having basic education are being fizzled out by crushing economic impediments. As the fate would have it, the successive Governments have failed to address the problems of the meritorious poor. Furthermore, the persistent ‘vote bank’ politics, the ad-hoc provisions of ‘reservation’, caste-based rationing of fee concessions, have enhanced the agony of the meritorious students who have been kept out of every parameters of all monetary benefits. In the interest of sustaining a civilized social health, it has become an imperative social obligation for every right thinking, well-placed elders to chalk out a plan of action to meet the educational needs of every child in our midst.

Our main aim in instituting Mithra Mandali is to make these unfortunate children self-reliant – to drive their potential to its logical end. Instead of cringing and yearning for grace from the insensitive administrations, let us join our hands to boost the sagging morale of our children. Being elders and well-placed, we consider it our prime social responsibility – a modest, self-effacing service to the lotus feet of Lord Sri Guru Narasimha.

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